CCM FT Ghost Hockeyklubba - INT
CCM FT Ghost Hockeyklubba - INT
CCM FT Ghost Hockeyklubba - INT

CCM FT Ghost Hockeyklubba - INT

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Limited Edition klubba i PRO Spec

Engineered for the pros, the FTGhost stick is designed with a hybrid kick-point for players with a shoot-first mentality. Built with pro-only “C” geometry, the rounder shaft allows for better handling, delivering elite performance and ultimate comfort.

Featuring the pro inspired X-Soft Blade that was constructed to improve stick handling and passing, players can achieve maximum control and increased confidence when making plays.

Nanolite Shield Technology and Sigma STp Carbon combine to create a stick crafted with thick carbon fiber layers protecting an ultra-light core, enhancing durability, but keeping it just as light as CCM’s lightest stick.

With our most requested pro construction, the FTGhost has been optimized to allow players to beat the goalie with power and precision. Unleash haunting PROformance with every shot.

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