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    Hockey skates

    Here at, you can buy skates directly online or visit our store where you can do a free trial with our hockey experts. We have a large selection of hockey skates for juniors and seniors from popular brands such as Bauer and CCM that make products of the highest quality. We also offer sharpening of skates and Blades directly in store or with our smart sharpening letter.

    We help you find the right hockey skates

    Buying skates can be a challenge as there are many factors to consider. A hockey skate should always be adapted to you and your weight and strength. You also need to consider how you move on the ice and your Player level.

    Free trial of hockey skates

    To be sure of buying skates that are just right for you, you can book a free skate trial with our experts. We go through four steps together with you: 1. Player analysis 2. Foot analysis 3. Testing 4. Adaptation

    All our staff play hockey themselves and are trained in all our products to be able to recommend you the skates that suit you best.

    Size of hockey skates

    In order for the hockey skates to sit comfortably and for you to be able to move quickly and smoothly on the ice, you must have the right size. If the skates are too big, it will affect your balance and skating on the ice. You can also get chafing sores and Blockers on your feet from the foot moving in the skates. We use 3D foot scanners from BAUER and CCM to help find the right size.

    Find the right fit

    A hockey skate should fit tight and have as much contact as possible with the foot but with some room for movement in the toes. Always stand up when you try because the foot is wider then and you minimize the risk of buying skates that are too narrow.

    Find the right stiffness

    It is important to find the right hardness/stiffness on your hockey skates so that your skating is not affected. The more weight you have, the stiffer skates you should have. If you buy skates that are too stiff, it will be more difficult for you to ride. It is important to be able to flex the foot forward to make maximum use of the skates. We recommend tying all the way up to take advantage of the skates' flex.

    Find the right heel grip

    A good heel grip gives you stability at the same time as you have mobility in your legs and feet. Slide the heel back into the skate to make sure you are getting enough support. You should not be able to lift your heel.

    Waxed or unwaxed strings

    It's a matter of taste. Waxed makes it easier to tie tightly and that the laces don't come off as easily. Unwaxed laces flex more and provide a softer fit. If you have problems with lace bite, you should use lace bite protection in slilikon and also switch to unwaxed laces if you haven't already. when you want to buy skates

    Visit us at when you want to buy skates. In our large selection, you will definitely find a pair of hockey skates that will suit you and take your game to the next level. With us, you will also find Marsblade, which is mounted directly on your skates so that you can practice off-ice in the summer. We have everything for hockey, both on-ice and off-ice!