Email us if something you bought from us has broken and you suspect it may be a manufacturing fault. You can also bring the item into the store and we will assess it on the spot or take it in for further assessment.


Email a picture of the receipt and pictures of the broken product. If it is a Stick you want to advertise, we want the following images in good resolution:

1) Close-ups where the Stick has broken

2) Image of the entire Stick

3) Image of serial number that is on the underside of the shaft.

Remember that ice hockey is a tough sport with melee and blows from opponents. The Sticks are primarily designed to give you the best possible feel as well as hard and accurate shots. The materials the Sticks are made of are incredibly durable as long as they are not subjected to external violence such as blows, skate stomps or that it gets pinched during a tackle or that someone falls on it. When the Stick has marks from blows or skate steps, it is not accepted as a complaint.