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    Here at you will find a large selection of hockey Sticks from popular brands such as Bauer and CCM. Buy hockey Sticks directly here online or come into our physical store where you get personal service and can also try the Sticks in our shooting ramp before you decide. With a new hockey Stick that is adapted to you, you will play better!

    Consider this when choosing a hockey Stick

    Ice hockey Sticks come in a number of different models and variants. In order for you to be able to play as well as possible, it is important that you find a hockey Stick that is adapted to you and your conditions. What you need to think about is finding a hockey Stick that has the right length, hardness/flexibility and the right angle. If you are not sure which Stick to buy, you can always get personal service from our hockey experts in store.

    Choose the right length of your hockey Stick

    It is important that your hockey Stick is the right length so as not to hinder you when playing and to avoid tripping on the ice and injuring yourself. The Stick should be about 80% of your height and reach about the tip of your nose when you stand up without skates.

    Choose the right hardness/flex on your hockey Stick

    Hockey Sticks come in several different hardnesses, also known as flex, and which one you choose depends on how much control you get over the puck and how much strength you have to shoot. A lower flex number means a more flexible Stick and is usually better for beginners as not as much strength is required to get the shots off. A higher flex number means a stiffer Stick that requires more weight and strength to get a good shot off.

    Left-angled or right-angled hockey Stick?

    Hockey Sticks are available in Left (left-angled) or Right (right-angled) variants. Which one you should choose depends on which side of your body you have the puck: · Left – If you have your right hand at the top of the shaft and the puck to the left, you should choose a left-angled hockey Stick. · Right – If you have your left hand at the top of the shaft and the puck to the right, you should choose a right-angled hockey Stick.

    Stick testing with our experts

    With us, you can book a free Stick trial in our store where you get personal service from our experts who play hockey themselves and are trained in our products. We help you with analyzes and recommendations of hockey Sticks that you then get to test in our shooting ramp before you decide. That way, you know you'll find the right hockey Stick for you.

    Custom Sticks adapted to you

    If you want a hockey Stick completely adapted to you, you should choose our custom Sticks that you can design and make completely your own. Choose flex, grip, blade, color and more for a hockey Stick that will take your game to the next level. You can even add your name for extra personality!