Hockey protection


    Hockey protection

    Buy all the protection you need to be safe on the ice with us. Here at, we have a large selection of ice hockey protection from popular brands such as Bauer and CCM, whose products are always of the highest quality. Buy directly online or come into our store where you can get help with testing and recommendations on how the hockey pads should fit.

    Be safe with hockey protection

    Hockey is a tough sport and therefore comes with a variety of protections needed to help you avoid pesky injuries. All hockey protection needs to be adapted to you and sit comfortably so that you have full mobility and can play at your best. Here are some more tips you can consider when buying hockey protection.


    Hockey gloves are what protect you when you roll onto the ice and receive with your hands. Here you need to think about the size and mobility of the gloves, among other things. The gloves should not be too big as they may risk coming off, but also not too tight as this may mean that you get less mobility. Fingers and wrist must have good mobility and flexibility. You should also try on your gloves together with the elbow pads as these should overlap.

    Elbow protection

    A hockey protector that secures almost your entire arm is the elbow protector. This protection should cover the forearm, elbow and biceps. The elbow protection must fit tightly but at the same time be flexible to the body's movements. It is important that you have an elbow protector of the right size so that it can sit in the middle of the elbow and not risk displacement when you play.

    Shoulder protection

    This hockey protection covers many parts of your upper body and protects, among other things, during tough tackles. The protection consists of shoulder covers and back protection and has extra reinforcement at the sternum, clavicle and biceps.

    Shin guard

    A shin guard is hockey protection for the legs that withstand Sticks, pucks and skate Blades. Leg protectors should have a good fit and the right size to sit placesrly against your shins without risking movement. Always try on shin guards with your skates to ensure they don't run into each other.

    Neck protection

    A neck guard is an important ice hockey protection that can save you from hard pucks and skate Blades. The neck guard is available either with velcro adjustment or with straps that you insert your arms into to keep it firmly in place.

    Replace your hockey pads from time to time

    Something important to remember when it comes to hockey pads is to replace them from time to time so that they always fit well and give you the best protection. How often you should switch depends of course on how often you play. If any cover has a crack or if any of the lacing is broken, you should immediately replace it.

    Buy hockey protection online or in store

    Buy hockey protection directly here at or visit our store in Solna. All our staff play hockey themselves and are trained in all our products and can thus help you find the right hockey protection for you. We help you play better!