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    Hockey pants

    Here at you will find hockey pants for Players of the highest quality from the popular brands CCM and Bauer. We have hockey pants for both juniors and seniors that give you the best protection for hips and thighs. Buy online directly here on our website or visit our physical store in Solna where you can get help from our experts to find pants that have a perfect fit so you can always play at your best.

    We help you find the right hockey pants

    The most important function of the hockey pants is to protect, among other things, the hips, thighs, back, coccyx and the lower part of the ribs from tough tackles, shots and hard blows from Sticks from your opponents. What you need to consider when buying hockey pants is that the pants should sit well on the hip bone and the length should be such that the pants reach 3-5 cm above the leg guard when you stand up, then the hockey pants will also cover when you sit in a deeper riding position. It is also important that the pants are not too big so that they inhibit your riding and mobility.

    Since all our staff at Hockeygear play hockey themselves and are trained in all our products, we know how hockey pants should fit, and can help you try on a perfect pair of pants that are tailored to you.

    High quality hockey pants from popular brands

    We want you as a customer and hockey Player to always feel safe in the products you buy from us. Therefore, we only work with popular brands that have the highest quality in their products.

    • CCM Hockey – CCM is a quality Canadian brand that manufactures durable hockey pants that can withstand the rigors of the ice. Their pants are available in both junior and senior models and provide maximum protection. The lacing means that the trousers can be tightened and sit perfectly adapted to you.
    • Bauer Hockey – Bauer is one of the leading manufacturers of ice hockey equipment. Their hockey pants have a perfect fit thanks to stretchy material that allows the pants to sit tight while being flexible. The back is reinforced with composite which effectively protects the back.

    Everything for hockey at

    Here at, you can always get personal service regardless of whether you are going to buy your hockey pants online or in our store. With us you will also find hockey protection, helmets, Sticks, skates and everything else you need - regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional on the ice. We also have a large selection of products for off-ice!

    With the right hockey equipment you will become a better Player!