Skate sharpening


    Sharpen skates

    With us, you can choose skate sharpening when you buy skates or Blades. You can also send in your Blades with our handy sanding letter to get them sanded to perfection. Here you will also find a large selection of products for sharpening skates at home so that you can always perform at your best out on the ice.

    Skate sharpening with sharpening letter

    You should always sharpen the profile on skates that are new and re-grind the profile at least once halfway through the season. You can always come into our store for sharpening skates, but if you don't have the opportunity to do this, you can order our smart sharpening letter and quickly and conveniently send your skates to us.

    This is how our grinding letter works

    1. Choose one or two pairs of Blades and if you want to sharpen skates with profile grinding or Hollow grinding. New Blades must always be profile ground.
    2. Order the sanding letter that will be sent to your home with packaging and protection for Blades.
    3. Follow the instructions in the letter and send us your skate sharpening Blades. Don't forget to fill in which profile and which Hollow depth you want.
    4. We grind your Blades and send them back to you after about 5-7 days.

    Grind your skates on your own grinding machine at home

    We sell Prosharp Home, which is an incredibly light and flexible sharpening machine for sharpening skates. It is incredibly easy to use and easy to take with you to, e.g. away match or cup. With a skate sharpener at home, you will always have sharp Blades and do not have to rely on the materializer being in place when you train or play a match.

    Protect sharpened skates with skate guards

    Freshly sharpened skates are sharp and should always be protected with a skate guard. This extends the life of your skate sharpening and prevents accidents when handling your skates. We have soft protectors from Howies in the USA that are made of soft terry cloth that absorbs moisture after skating on the ice. You use them on the skates when they are in the Bag. When you go out to the ice, you change to harder plastic protection to protect the rail when you walk.

    Sharpen skates and buy equipment with us

    Here at, we live for hockey! All our staff play themselves and are trained in all our products to always be able to offer you the best service. Sharpen your skates with us and experience the difference with skate sharpening by experts. We also have a large selection of hockey equipment and only work with brands that stand for the highest quality. Shop directly here at or visit our store in Solna where we will help you find the right equipment for you!