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    Goalie equipment

    Here you will find all the Goalie equipment needed for both juniors and seniors. We have a large selection of hockey equipment for Goalies from popular brands such as Bauer, CCM and Howies. All products are of the highest quality and with the right Goalie equipment that is tailored to you, you will be able to play better. Shop directly online here at or visit our store for personal service where our hockey experts will help you.

    Hockey equipment for Goalies

    When you play ice hockey, Goalie equipment is essential. Here at, we have hockey equipment for Goalies that are developed so that you have the best protection without it hindering your mobility.

    Goalie mask

    Everyone is aiming for the goal! Therefore, a Goalie mask is one of the most important pieces of hockey Goalie equipment. With us, you will find Goalie masks with mesh in several different price ranges that protect the face and head. Remember to check the mesh of the mask from time to time to see that the welds of the mesh do not start to loosen, then the mesh loses its strength and it may be time to buy a new mask. If the Facemask starts to sag inwards towards the face, you should also change the Facemask or buy a new helmet.

    Goalie equipment protection

    Goalie equipment for ice hockey, just like for the Player Player, includes a variety of protection. The puck is hard and comes at a fast speed which can be devastating if you don't have the right protection. The important thing to keep in mind when buying goalkeeping equipment to protect you is that all parts should fit well and be adapted to you. Neck protection – Hockey Goalie equipment always includes neck protection and is mandatory to wear to protect against, for example, freshly sharpened skates in melees in front of the goal Facemask. We have neck protection with velcro that always fits perfectly and neck protection in Lexan (plastic) that is attached to the mask. Combine both for best protection. Combines - Combines are also always used in Goalie hockey equipment. This protects, among other things, the shoulders, collarbones, chest, ribs and spine. We have combinations made of light materials that give you speed and agility while the protective placesrties are at the highest level. Pants – Goalie pants have lower hip protection than those for Player Players to allow you to move laterally more easily. With practical lacing, you can tighten the pants to fit you perfectly, which provides both the best protection and mobility. Shin Guards – Goalie Pads protect the legs while being Goalie gear that helps stop pucks. We have shin guards from Bauer and CCM that you can also make your own with Custom.

    Goalie Stick

    In hockey, the Goalie's Stick is also included in the Goalie's equipment. Here it is important that you buy a Stick in the right length and with the right paddle. In our store you can get help finding the right Stick for you and also try the Stick in our shooting ramp.

    Goalie Catchers

    Catch the puck with our Goalie Catchers. The Catcher protects the thumb, hand and wrist while you catch the puck in the catch pocket. An essential piece of your goalkeeping equipment that stops goals. Find your Goalie Catcher of the highest quality with us.

    Goalie Blocker

    With a Goalie push, you direct the puck out of the shooting sector. The impact must not be too great so that it becomes wobbly and you do not have control over it, while it must protect the thumb and wrist.

    Goalie skates

    Being able to move quickly and skate well is important for a goaltender. We recommend that you try on Goalie skates in our store to get a size that fits you perfectly.

    Custom Goalie equipment

    Here at, you can buy custom Goalie equipment that you design yourself to be exactly the way you want it. Design whole sets or just parts of your Goalie equipment and make the products completely personal by adding your name. You can find all Custom hockey equipment for Goalies here.