BAUER Vapor Hyperlite Hockey Stick

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    BAUER has been developing and testing the new VAPOR Stick for more than 2 years. The predecessor Vapor Flylite is the best-selling BAUER Stick at Hockeygear ever! Many like the slightly slimmer and nicer shaft, but above all the low Blocker point that gives hard and precise wrist shots! The new BAUER Vapor Hyperlite is even lighter and even faster than its predecessor!

    Come in and test in our shooting ramp

    With us you can always test the latest BAUER Sticks and compare different models and flex. We also have BAUER Stickstudio where we film your shots and can analyze and recommend which model and flex suit you best. Come in and test the Hyperlite Stick and you will see how awesome it is!

    BAUER Vapor Hyperlite Hockey Stick - For the sniper!

    If you're the type to shoot quickly and without announcing your shots, the Hyperlite is the Stick for you. When you apply pressure to the ice, the Stick reacts lightning fast and releases the puck. If you find the gap, the mallet will do the rest.

    Best Vapor feeling ever

    Hyperlite takes the Vapor series to a whole new level. With a weight reduced to 385 grams and produced with a focus on balance, the Hyperlite Stick is the lightest, strongest and fastest ever in the Vapor family.

    Focus on durability and durability

    We have optimized the carbon fiber setup which contributes to a 20% stiffer blade and 5% stiffer shaft, while reducing weight. The composition of carbon fiber layers in the construction of the Stick focuses on key exposed zones while loading your shot, creating a more durable construction and a faster release.

    Faster release

    With Hyperlite, it's easier to lean into the shot and achieve maximum power with minimal effort. Designed for the fastest energy transfer from charge to shot, you can count on 10% improved release at the moment of shot.

    Quicker shots

    Hyperlite is the fastest vapor Stick ever and is produced to increase your recoil by 10% compared to before.

    Improved blade construction

    The blade in Hyperlite consists of the material HyperCore. In the manufacturing process, two carbon fiber layers are fused together with a rigid foam, which contributes to increased stability and control. HyperCore also boosts overall durability and wear resistance by 20% compared to before.