BAUER Supreme M5 PRO Goalie Pad - SR

BAUER Supreme M5 PRO Goalie Pad - SR

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The BAUER Supreme M5 PRO pushes the boundaries

Push the boundaries of leg protection with the M5 PRO. Designed with a stiff
pillow at the knee and a "break" 
below the knee for optimal coverage in "butterfly".
The wide profile prevents shooters from seeing any gap and 120
degree angle at the foot allows rebounds to be deflected away.

STABILISIDE KNEE BLOCK – prevents over-rotation with a built-in bracket that allows the Goalie to cover effectively against the ice.

TUNE-FIT + STRAPPING – balances the pad on the leg. Adjustable straps on the top and bottom allow the exact fit to be adjusted on the leg.

CORTECH + WAVES PLATE – plate with good glide that allows the Goalie to move effortlessly in the goal. With the molded cushion added from MACH, the M5PRO has added support to be stable in the "butterfly".

DUAL-DENSITY PAD CORE – 151 degree break below the knee for optimal coverage and 120 degree angle to the foot to deflect pucks.

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