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    Atunya is a utility performance brand that helps athletes gain a competitive advantage through precision-engineered apparel powered by the best sustainable technologies available.

    The brainchild of two-time Stanley Cup champion Johnny Oduya, Atunya explores ideas of extreme functionality and durability to come up with products that withstand intense use and adapt smoothly – even to the most eccentric body movements.


    Atunya's products are made to help athletes stay in the flow.

    We design and construct them specifically to:

    • Withstand tough use and perform well under pressure.
    • Keep distractions at a bare minimum and enable flow.
    • Streamline mobility and reduce energy expenditure.


    Atunya supports what supports all life – our shared earth. This point of view guides our approach to sustainability. We see ourselves as pragmatists who strive to stay alert, humble, and informed about the question of how to contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

    Nursing a down-to-earth company culture, Atunya is above all solutions-oriented. Instead of promising big change now, we work consistently within our means as a small company to improve how we produce, act and communicate the complex issue of sustainability. We believe taking small daily steps forward is the most realistic approach and will affect positive change incrementally in the long run.

    Better products made with the best available sustainable technologies and practices are our goal. This requires daily hard work with all our partners in the supply chain, not to mention the task of continually highlighting this topic in a coherent way to help raise awareness. That's what we mean by being better than yesterday.

    All our Compression garments now feature Polygiene Stay Fresh™ coating – a groundbreaking antibacterial technology embedded in textiles that helps us take a new step in our effort to keep Atunya sustainable.
    Polygiene StayFresh™ provides freshness by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and protecting hard surfaces from bacteria. Thanks to this ability, you can wear your garment longer, wash it less, and thus save water and energy.
    An added value of Polygiene StayFresh™ is that by enabling a lower washing frequency rate, you extend the life and durability of your garment, which leads to lowering your consumption rate. In other words, you don't have to buy new performance wear as often.

    At Atunya, we restlessly pursue technologies and practices that help reduce our environmental impact. One of our priorities is to make thoughtfully constructed performance apparel that meets this goal. Polygiene Stay Fresh™ coating is one such technology. Simple and highly efficient, it is a game-changer integrated into all our Compression garments from now on.